N3 Faculty

  • Alan Anticevic


    Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Director, Division of Neurocognition, Neurocomputation, and Neurogenetics (N3), Psychiatry

    PhD, Washington University School of Medicine, St.Louis, 2011; MS, Washington University School of Medicine, St.Louis, 2007
  • Chadi Abdallah

    Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Deputy Director for Research, and Director of Neuroimaging, Clinical Neuroscience Division, VA National Center for PTSD

    MD, Lebanese University, 2006
  • Joel Gelernter

    Foundations Fund Professor of Psychiatry and Professor of Genetics and of Neuroscience; Director, Division of Human Genetics (Psychiatry)

    MD, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, 1983; BS, Yale University, 1979
  • John Krystal

    Robert L. McNeil, Jr. Professor of Translational Research and Professor of Psychiatry and of Neuroscience; Chair, Department of Psychiatry; Chief of Psychiatry, Yale-New Haven Hospital; Director: NIAAA Center for the Translational Neuroscience of Alcoholism; Director, Clinical Neuroscience Division, VA National Center for PTSD

    MD, Yale University, 1984; BA, University of Chicago, 1980
  • Alex Kwan

    Associate Professor of Psychiatry

    PhD, Cornell University, 2009; MS, Cornell University, 2007; BS, Simon Fraser University, 2003
  • Daeyeol Lee

    Professor Adjunct in Neuroscience

    PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1995; BA, Seoul National University, 1989
  • Graeme Mason

    Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging and of Psychiatry; Director Metabolic Modeling and Director Psychiatric MRS; Director, Neuroimaging Sciences Training Program; Chair, Magnetic Resonance Research Center Protocol Review Committee

    PhD, Yale University, 1991; BS, The Pennsylvania State University, 1986
  • Peter Morgan

    Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Chair of Psychiatry, Lawrence and Memorial Hospital

    MD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, 2000; PhD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, 1999; MS, University of California Davis-LLNL, 1993; BS, Yale University, 1992
  • Christopher Pittenger

    Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Assistant Chair for Translational Research, Psychiatry; Director, Yale OCD Research Clinic; Co-Director, Neuroscience Research Training Program

    MD, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, 2003; PhD, Columbia University, 2002; MPhil, Columbia University, 1998; BS, Yale University, 1994; MS, Yale University, 1994
  • Nenad Sestan

    Harvey and Kate Cushing Professor of Neuroscience, and Professor of Comparative Medicine, of Genetics and of Psychiatry; Executive Director, Genome Editing Center

    PhD, Yale University School of Medicine, 1999; MD, University of Zagreb, 1995
  • Vinod Srihari

    Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Associate Program Director, Psychiatry Residency Training; Director, STEP Program

    MD, University of Rochester, 1998; BA, University of Rochester, 1994