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2023 Posters

Impact of working memory load and emotional valence on state impulsivity and emotion regulation in cannabis users: an experimental study

The Role of Social Support and Loneliness in the Relationship Between Borderline Personality Disorder and Suicide Risk Among Incarcerated Adults

Mind-Body Connections: A Taekwondo and DBT-Based Mindfulness Group for Adults in Clinical Settings

Emily R. Weiss, Janet Brodie, Sarah E. Barnes, & Margaret T. Davis

Emily Weiss Yale NEA-BPD 2023 Conference Poster

Emily Weiss Yale NEA-BPD 2023 Conference Video

The Relationship Between Trauma Exposure Type and Borderline Personality Disorder Criteria

Alyssa Conigliaro, Maggie Davis

Alyssa Conigliaro Yale NEA-BPD Conference Poster

Intersecting Identities: Personality Disorders and Sexual Orientation Among Incarcerated Persons

Gabriella Epshteyn, Emily Edwards

Gabriella Epshteyn Yale NEA-BPD 2023 Conference Poster

Words Matter: How Suicide Rates among People with Borderline Personality Disorder Differ Based on How the Diagnosis is Made

Jennifer M. Loya, Ashley Wagner, Brian Pittman, and Margaret T. Davis

Jenn Loya Yale NEA-BPD 2023 Conference Poster

Terra Osterberg, Gabriella Epshteyn

Terra Osterberg Yale NEA-BPD 2023 Conference Poster

Assessing the role of caregiver trauma and attachment-based vulnerabilities when exploring life-threatening behaviors among adolescents

Megan Plakos Szabo, Savannah Neves, Angel Amaro

Megan Plakos Szabo Yale NEA-BPD 2023 Conference Poster

Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Adolescents and Their Families: A Literature Review and Areas for Further Study

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