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Core Skills Training Program

We believe that in order to become a great psychiatrist, it is important that you master a core set of skills. These skills include forming an empathic connection with your patient through empathic listening and sensitive interviewing. You must also be able to interpret the meaning of what your patient is saying in order to develop a formulation and treatment plan that integrates biological, psychological and socio-cultural perspectives on the patient’s presentation. You will have individual and small group supervisions and interviews that are observed by faculty to help you develop these skills. One of our Associate Program Directors, Dr. Esperanza Diaz, oversees this curriculum. You must also master the skill of being able to use the scientific literature in order to ensure your treatments are evidenced based and effective. Lastly, you must be able to effectively interact with the system of care, be able to advocate for your patients, and be able to lead a care team. Another of our Associate Program Directors, Dr. Vinod Srihari, works with residents on these skills. These skills, augmented by knowledge from our innovative didactics program, provide the basis for all your interactions with patients.