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Individualized Education Plan

Photo by Robert A. Lisak
Active participation in developing your own education plan during residency allows you to begin to tailor your education to your own specific career interests. We also believe this helps you develop a personal practice of lifelong learning, which is critical to being up to date as a psychiatrist. There are several opportunities for you to direct your education plan during the residency.

CASE Selective Program

While much of residency training involves learning a moderate amount about a wide range of subjects, we believe the process of developing deep knowledge about a more limited topic is important to developing your identity as an expert. The CASE selective in the PGY 2 year provides an opportunity for you to continue previous work or develop a new project. Faculty mentorship is a key component in this experience. Additional time can be devoted in the PGY 3 and 4 years to continue your work with your CASE mentor. This unique residency experience demonstrates our commitment of time and resources to developing your career.

Time in the PGY III & IV Year

Elective time is set aside in the PGY 3 and 4 years to allow you to continue to explore your own interests. A variety of core placements and elective sites and clinical programs are available for you to explore career interests. These individualized programs of study provide you with foundational experiences with which to begin to build the next stage of your career.