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Faculty Mentors

The training faculty consists of DAY faculty and affiliated faculty from other Medical School Departments who represent a broad range of drug abuse clinical research interests and expertise. The primary role of the faculty members is to provide research or clinical mentoring to the Scholars. All faculty Mentors have extensive histories of mentoring, engagement in scholarly activities (participation in seminars, trainings and other instruction available to Scholars), and research funding. Each Scholar will have a primary Mentor with a clinical research focus and at least one other Mentor who may have either a pre-clinical or clinical focus relevant to the Scholars development (for example, a Scholar interested in investigating biological aspects underlying treatments for addictions may have a primary Mentor with clinical trials expertise and a secondary Mentor with imaging expertise). Together, the Faculty Mentors provide a broad range of complementary areas of research related to drug abuse research and treatment. Links to descriptions of individual mentors can be found below.