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Division of Quality and Innovation

Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital’s Division of Quality and Innovation (DQI) is committed to enhancing mental health care outcomes through leadership, quality improvement, and technological and innovative approaches. Areas of focus include measurement-based care, patient experience, care pathways, and digital mental health, all strongly emphasizing health equity. We collaborate across various Yale New Haven Hospital settings and welcome partnerships to advance clinical care, education, and research. Explore our initiatives and join us in improving mental health care.

Our Work

  • Measurement-Based Care

    Leaders in large-scale implementation and consultation and implementation support for health systems and clinicians, the Division of Quality and Innovation has launched measurement-based care initiatives throughout Psychiatry and Behavioral Health inpatient and outpatient programs.
  • Patient Experience

    Innovating patient experience initiatives to transform Psychiatry and Behavioral Health is a foundational initiative of the Division of Quality and Innovation. In addition to our signature Psychiatry Inpatient Experience (YPIX) measure, we are crafting new strategies to engage with our patients across Yale New Haven Health to better align our interactions and processes with patients’ needs and outcomes.
  • Care Pathways

    The Division of Quality and Innovation has supported the development of multiple integrated care pathways to reduce care vulnerability and increase equality of care. Our work has also supported the analysis of the impact of technology on the feasibility of electronic integrated care pathways (eICPs), particularly those related to affective disorders (e.g., anxiety and depression) and suicidality.

Our Team

  • Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; Director of Training, YSM Doctoral Internship in Clinical and Community Psychology, Psychiatry

    Dr. Amber W. Childs is a licensed clinical psychologist and assistant professor of psychiatry in the Yale School of Medicine. She is the Director of Training for the Yale Doctoral Internship in Clinical and Community Psychology in the School of Medicine and Co-Director of the Division of Quality and Innovation within Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital (YNHPH) where she is a member of the medical staff. Additionally, Childs is the co-founder and director of the Getting Racism Out of our Work (GROW) Initiative, co-founder of the Yale Measurement-Based Care Collaborative and founder of M-Select, a comprehensive digital mental health solution for youth at YSM. Childs is deeply involved in antiracism and DEI efforts within the Psychiatry Department. She served as the Co-Chair of the Doctoral Internship Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, from 2020-2023, of which she has been a member since 2016 . She served as the invited co-chair of the Education Subcommittee of the Yale Department of Psychiatry Antiracism Task Force (ARTF) from 2020-2023 and remains a member of the ARTF Steering Committee. Childs’ work aims to improve equity, access, and outcomes in psychiatric services and education through data-driven quality improvement and a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). She is dedicated to clinical and educational program innovations that support the implementation of evidence-based practices and diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts to improve clinical and educational practices. Across her roles, Dr. Childs professional activities include: 1) promotion and implementation of evidence-based practices (EBP), such as Measurement-Based Care (MBC), that prioritize person-centered, individualized treatment and improved psychosocial outcomes; 2) improvement of psychiatric treatment among those who experience chronic and acute psychiatric illness, particularly for young people who are marginalized and minoritized; and 3) cultivating a generation of psychology leaders who have a deep and sophisticated understanding of DEI as it relates to clinical service delivery, research, and education. Childs earned her PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and completed a doctoral internship and post-doctoral residency at the Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital, where she specialized in child and adolescent services.
  • Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; Director, Psychological Assessment Service, Psychiatry; Co-Director, Division of Quality and Innovation, Adult Psychiatry

    Dr. Klemanski is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Yale University. He is also the director of the Psychological Assessment Service for Yale-New Haven Hospital and co-director of the Division of Quality and Innovation at Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital. Dr. Klemanski completed his predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowships at Yale University School of Medicine and the Department of Psychology at Yale University, respectively. His research interests are focused on the psychopathological components of anxiety, specific anxiety disorders, and common comorbid conditions. Recently, he has centered his research on emotion regulation strategies and treatment outcomes among anxiety- and mood-based disorders to clarify the diagnostic overlap among these disorders by delineating differential regulatory processes associated with various emotional experiences. Dr. Klemanski is a well-known expert in psychological assessment, mindfulness, and emotion regulation. He frequently publishes scientific papers and speaks at national events. In addition, he co-authored the book, "Don't Let Your Anxiety Run Your Life: Using the Science of Emotion Regulation And Mindfulness to Overcome Your Worry And Fear," which offers practical advice on using mindfulness and emotion regulation to overcome worry and fear. Dr. Klemanski is also a consultant for various print and online media outlets, including MSNBC, Vice Media, and podcasts. He is an active participant in community lectures, panels, and workshops.


To learn more about our work or to contact us with a request for consultation, please reach out by contacting either Dr. Amber Childs or Dr. David Klemanski.