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Yale Global Mental Health

Mission and Goals

The Yale Global Mental Health Program (GMHP) exists to supplement and support existing didactic and clinical curriculum of the residency program. Residents/fellows interested in doing GMHP-related education may do so during elective times and during selective experiences. The Global Mental Health Elective experiences will be open to all residents/fellows in the program and to others in the medical school and university.

The goals of the Yale Global Mental Health Program are:

  • Global Mental Health Awareness: To promote awareness of issues of global mental health and social disparities.
  • Practical Implementation in Clinical Settings: To develop practice tools to address these issues both at home and abroad.
  • Underserved Access to Care: To promote interest in working with underserved populations within and outside the United States that are in need of mental health services.
  • Cross Cultural Psychiatry in Practice: To expand the knowledge of cross cultural psychiatry and provide ways for residents to incorporate that knowledge into their clinical practice of psychiatry.
  • Networking: To develop within and external to the department of psychiatry a network of individuals with common interests in global mental health from which collaborative ideas and projects can spring.

Leadership of the Global Mental Health Program:
Resident Leaders: – Paul Eigenberger & Sanya Sellers
Faculty Advisors: – Ted Iheanacho, Michelle Silva, & Hamada Altalib

Discussion Topics

Among the topics recently discussed are:

  • The Intersection of GMH and Addiction: Methadone Maintenance in China
  • Conducting Scholarly Work in GHM
  • Autism Awareness and Research in Pakistan
  • Global Mental Health RCT in Prayer Camps in Ghana
  • GMH and International Law
  • Psych Corps Program in Ghana
  • The Changing Health Needs Among Refugees in Protracted Crisis - An Example of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
  • Disaster Psychiatry
  • Mental Health Care Responses to the Nepal Earthquakes: From Humanitarian Emergencies to Sustainable Mental Health Systems
  • YGMHP Project Presentations in Africa
  • GMH in Peru
  • Exploring Early Interventions for Psychosis in LMIC
  • YGMHP Projects Presentations from Asia
  • Mental Health of Children and Adolescents Traumatized by Violence
  • YGMHP Project Presentations in the Middle East