Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds Auditorium

The Psychiatry Department's Grand Rounds are typically held on Friday mornings, between September and June, in the auditorium of the Connecticut Mental Health Center. To see the details of upcoming Grand Rounds and other department events, please visit the department's web calendar.

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Archive of Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Below is an archive of past Grand Rounds. Links will take you to a video of a presentation. The Department will continue to add talks as they are digitized.

2019 Psychiatry Grand Rounds

2018 Psychiatry Grand Rounds

2017 Psychiatry Grand Rounds

2016 Psychiatry Grand Rounds

2015 Psychiatry Grand Rounds

2014 Psychiatry Grand Rounds

  • December 19, 2014: Kamiar Alaei, MD, MPH, MS, DrPH, Public Service Professor in Public Administration and Policy, University at Albany, State University of New York; and Arash Alaei, MD, Clinical Associate Professor in Health Policy, Management and Behavior, University at Albany, State University of New York: "Psychiatry Resident Grand Rounds: 'Rights to Physical and Mental Well-being of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Iran'"
  • December 5, 2014: Jeffrey M. Lyness, MD, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Psychiatry and of Neurology, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry: "Creative Resilience & Aging: Louis Armstrong, Race, & Growing Old in the '60s" (There will be no video posted of this lecture.)
  • November 21, 2014: Clinical Innovation in Psychiatry Awards - "The CMHC Wellness Center: Development of a Person-Centered Health Home" Jeanne Steiner, DO, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine and Medical Director, Connecticut Mental Health Center; Robert Cole, MHSA, Lecturer in Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine and Chief Operating Officer, Connecticut Mental Health Center; Aniyizhai Annamalai, MBBS, MD; Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and of Medicine, Yale School of Medicine; and Maria O'Connell, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine. "Integrating Primary Medical Care and Mental Health for Homeless Veterans at Errera Community Care Center of VA Connecticut Healthcare System: The Homeless Patient Aligned Care Team (HPACT)" Theddeus Iheanacho, MBBS, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine; and David Rosenthal, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine (General Medicine), Yale School of Medicine
  • November 14, 2014: Town Hall Meeting (There will be no video posted of this event.)
  • November 7, 2014: Gerard Sanacora, PhD, MD, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Yale Depression Research Program, Yale School of Medicine: "Translating Evolving Concepts on the Treatment of Mood Disorders to Clinical Practice"
  • October 31, 2014: Charles O'Brien, MD, PhD, the Kenneth E. Appel Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania: "Update on Medications for Alcoholism"
  • October 24, 2014: "A Tribute to Drs. George Aghajanian and George Heninger: Over 100 years of Leadership, Research, and Mentoring Excellence at Yale" - John H. Krystal, MD, Robert L. McNeil Jr. Professor of Translational Research, Professor of Neurobiology, and Chair of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine; Dennis Charney, MD, Professor of Psychiatry and Dean, Mount Sinai School of Medicine; Mark S. Gold, MD, Dizney Distinguished Professor and Chairman, Department of Psychiatry, University of Florida College of Medicine; Eric J. Nestler, MD, PhD, Nash Family Professor and Chairman, Department of Neuroscience and Director of the Friedman Brain Institute, Mount Sinai School of Medicine; and Ronald S. Duman, PhD, Mears and Jamison Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobiology and Director of the Ribicoff Research Facilities, Yale School of Medicine
  • October 17, 2014: Benjamin G. Druss, MD, MPH, Professor and Rosalynn Carter Chair in Mental Health, Emory University: "Improving Health and Healthcare in People with Serious Mental Illness: From Research to Practice and Back Again"
  • October 10, 2014: Steven S. Sharfstein, MD, MPA, President and Chief Executive Officer, Sheppard Pratt Health System: "The effects of Health Care Reform on Psychiatry"
  • October 3, 2014: Scott Stossel, Editor of The Atlantic magazine, and author of My Age of Anxiety: Fear, Hope, Dread, and the Search for Peace of Mind: "My Age of Anxiety"
  • September 19, 2014: Daniel Geschwind, MD, the Gordon and Virginia MacDonald Distinguished Chair of Human Genetics, and Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine: "Transcriptomic Networks in Autism Spectrum Disorders"
  • September 12, 2014: Wayne Goodman, MD, Professor and Chairman of Psychiatry, Mount Sinai School of Medicine: "DBS for Psychiatric Disorders and Depression"
  • September 5, 2014: Ronald J. Vender, MD, Professor of Medicine (Digestive Diseases) and Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, Yale School of Medicine; CMO, Yale Medical Group: "YMG: A commitment to Excellence"
  • June 20, 2014: Seymour Lustman Research Awards in Psychiatry - First Place: Rajiv Radhakrishnan, MBBS, MD, "Understanding Vulnerability to the Psychotomimetic Effects of Cannabinoids: Contribution of GABA Deficit"; Second Place: Sarah Fineberg, MD, PhD, "Word Use in First Person Accounts May Relate to Perceptual, Cognitive and Social Dysfunction in Schizophrenia" and Jerome Taylor, Jr., MD, "Predictors of Anxiety Recurrence in the Primary Care Setting: CALM"
  • June 13, 2014: John H. Krystal, MD, the Robert L. McNeil, Jr. Professor of Translational Research, Chair of Psychiatry, Professor of Neurobiology, Yale School of Medicine; and Chief of Psychiatry, Yale-New Haven Hospital: "State of the Department"
  • June 6, 2014: TBA: "Psychiatry Residency Commencement"
  • May 30, 2014: Helen Mayberg, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry, of Neurology, and of Radiology, Emory University School of Medicine: "Flynn Lecture: 'What Has DBS Taught Us About the Neurocircuitry of Depression?'"
  • May 23, 2014: Roger Kathol, MD, President, Cartesian Solutions, Inc.: "Psychiatrists' Clinical and Fiscal Contribution to Health in Accountable Care Organizations"
  • May 16, 2014: Katharine Phillips, MD, Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior & Director of Residency Training for Research in Adult Psychiatry, Warren Alpert Medical School, Brown University: "Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Update on a Severe Yet Under-Recognized Disorder"
  • May 2, 2014: Maxine Stitzer, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Johns Hopkins Medicine: "National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network: Research and Dissemination"
  • April 25, 2014: Stuart C. Yudofsky, MD, The D.C. and Irene Ellwood Professor and Chairman of the Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; The Drs. Beth K. and Stuart C. Yudofsky Presidential Chair in Neuropsychiatry and Distinguished Service Professor, Baylor College of Medicine: "The Assessment and Psychopharmacological Treatment of People with Aggression and Agitation"
  • April 11, 2014: Douglas Mossman, MD, Adjunct Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Program Director of the Division of Forensic Psychiatry at University of Cincinnati College of Medicine; and Director of the Glenn M. Weaver Institute of Law and Psychiatry at the University of Cincinnati College of Law: "Yochelson Lecture: 'Kant Meets Tarasoff: The Limits and Limitations of Risk Assessment'"
  • April 4, 2014: Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD, ABPP, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Emory University; Chief Psychologist, Grady Health System; and President, American Psychological Association: "Assessment and Treatment of Abused, Suicidal, Low-Income African American Women"
  • March 28, 2014: John Strauss, MD, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine; Janice Jones, Director of Education & Training and Client Rights Officer, Connecticut Mental Health Center; Claude Grazia, MSW, Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry (Social Work), Yale School of Medicine; Lila Fain, Occupational Therapist, Connecticut Mental Health Center; Jaak Rakfeldt, PhD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine; Dolly Jacobson, MSW, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine; and Dave Sells, PhD, Associate Research Scientist in Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine: "Clinicians as People, Writing About Patients as People"
  • March 21, 2014: Ed Bullmore, PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of Cambridge: "The Economics of Brain Networks in Health and Disease"
  • March 14, 2014: Robert J. Alpern, MD, Dean, Yale School of Medicine: "State of the Medical School" (There will be no video posted of this Grand Rounds.)
  • March 7, 2014: Vikram Patel, MSc, MRCPsych, PhD, FMedSci, Professor of International Mental Health & Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine: "Yale Global Mental Health Program Lecture: "Transforming Lives, Enhancing Communities: Innovations in Global Mental Health"
  • February 28, 2014: Joseph Gone, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology and of American Culture, University of Michigan: "Division of Prevention and Community Research Presents: Cultivating American Indian Culture as a Remedy for Substance Abuse: Creation of an Indigenous Intervention"
  • February 21, 2014: Susannah Cahalan, Journalist, New York Post and Author; Christina Janelle Azevedo MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Neurology, Yale School of Medicine (Discussant): "Poynter Fellowship - Brain on Fire: A Patient's Perspective on Autoimmune Encephalitis"
  • February 14, 2014: David Sheff, Journalist and Author: "Ribicoff Lecture / Poynter Fellowship: "Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America's Greatest Tragedy"
  • February 7, 2014: Kirk Wilhelmsen, MD, PhD, Professor of Genetics and of Neurology, University of North Carolina School of Medicine: "Mapping Alcohol Dependence Risk Genes by Whole Genome Sequencing"
  • January 31, 2014: Bruce Rosen, MD, PhD, Professor in Radiology, Harvard Medical School, and Director of the Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Harvard Medical School: "Advances in Imaging in the Human Connectome"
  • January 24, 2014: Avshalom Caspi, PhD, the Edward M. Arnett Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience and Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science, Duke University: "Self-Control, Health, and Wealth" (There will be no video posted of this Grand Rounds.)
  • January 17, 2014: Sheena Josselyn, PhD, Senior Scientist in Neuroscience and Mental Health, The Hospital for Sick Children, Research Institute; and Associate Professor of Psychology and of Physiology, and in the Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Toronto: "Making, Breaking, and Linking Memories" (Yale NetID & password login req'd to view video.)

2013 Psychiatry Grand Rounds

2012 Psychiatry Grand Rounds

2011 Psychiatry Grand Rounds

2009 Psychiatry Grand Rounds

2008 Psychiatry Grand Rounds


  • May 14, 2013: Festschrift for Thomas H. McGlashan, M.D.: Speakers included John Krystal, the Robert L. McNeil, Jr. Professor of Psychiatry and Professor of Neurobiology and Chair of Psychiatry, Yale University; Scott Woods, Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University; Carlos Grilo, Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology, Yale University; John Gunderson, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard University; Ralph Hoffman, Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University; Svein Friis, Professor of Psychiatry, Oslo University Hospital, Norway; Will Carpenter, Professor of Psychiatry and Pharmacology, University of Maryland; and Robert Heinssen, Director, Division of Services and Intervention Research, National Institute of Mental Health

2018 Psychiatry Resident Grand Rounds

2017 Psychiatry Resident Grand Rounds

2016 Psychiatry Resident Grand Rounds

2015 Psychiatry Resident Grand Rounds

2014 Psychiatry Resident Grand Rounds

  • August 15, 2014: Emily Bazelon, JD, Senior Research Scholar and Lecturer in Law, Yale Law School; Senior Editor of Slate; "Sticks and Stones: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy"
  • July 25, 2014: Meir Kryger, MD, FRCPC, Professor of Medicine (Pulmonary), Yale School of Medicine; "Killer Dreams"
  • July 18, 2014: Paul Bloom, PhD, the Brooks and Suzanne Ragen Professor of Psychology & Cognitive Science, Department of Psychology, Yale University; "Just Babies: The Origins of Good and Evil"
  • July 11, 2014: Andrew Solomon, Author and Lecturer in Psychiatry, Weill-Cornell Medical College; "Forge Meaning, Build Identity"
  • June 27, 2014: Rachel Aviv, Staff Writer, The New Yorker; "Writing About Psychosis"

2013 Psychiatry Resident Grand Rounds

2012 Psychiatry Resident Grand Rounds

  • August 10, 2012: Lt. Col (Dr.) Paul Morrissey, U.S. Army psychiatrist and assistant professor of psychiatry (adjunct) at Yale School of Medicine; "Caring for Soldiers After Deployment"
  • August 3, 2012: Glen Triesman, MD, PhD, professor of psychiatry and internal medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; "The Psychiatry of AIDS" (No video will be posted of this lecture.)
  • July 27, 2012: Andrew Solomon, lecturer in psychiatry, Weill-Cornell Medical College; "Disordered Identities: The Transgender Conundrum"
  • July 20, 2012: Elizabeth Lunbeck, PhD, professor of psychiatry and Nelson Tyrone Jr Professor of History, Vanderbilt University; "Deja vu All Over Again: Is Ours a "Culture of Narcissism?" (No video will be posted of this lecture.)
  • July 13, 2012: Steven Southwick, MD, Glenn H. Greenberg Professor of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine; & Judson Brewer, MD, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine; "'The Resilient Clinician' & Wellness Program Launch" (No video will be posted of this lecture.)
  • July 6, 2012: Nancy McWilliams, PhD, professor, Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers University; "Masochism Revisited: Reflections on Self-Defeating Dynamics" (No video will be posted of this lecture.)
  • June 29, 2012: Annita P. Sawyer, PhD, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine; "Is Diagnosis Destiny?" (No video will be posted of this lecture.)
  • June 22, 2012: "VolunteerFest 2012" (No video will be posted of this lecture.)
  • May 25, 2012: David R. Williams, MPH, PhD; Florence Sprague Norman and Laura Smart Norman Professor of Public Health, Professor of African and African American studies, and Professor of Sociology, Harvard University; "Making America Healthier for All: What Each of Us Can Do"

2011 Psychiatry Resident Grand Rounds

  • August 12 , 2011: Andres Martin MD, MPH, Professor in Yale School of Medicine's Child Study Center; "Your Very Flesh: A Glimpse into the World of the Tattooed"
  • July 29 , 2011: Andrew Solomon, Lecturer in Psychiatry at Weill-Cornell Medical College and Author of The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression; "The Autism Rights Movement: Various Perspectives"
  • July 22 , 2011: David Mintz, MD, Director of Psychiatric Education at Austen Riggs Center, Massachusetts; "Meaning and Medication: Psychodynamic Approaches to the Treatment Resistant Patient"
  • July 15 , 2011: Panel discussion featuring Dr. Patrick Fox, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Director of Whiting Forensic Division of Connecticut Valley Hospital; Dr. Mark Mercurio, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Chair of the Yale New Haven Hospital Ethics Committee and Director of the Yale Program for Biomedical Ethics; and Sue Asher, Director of Yale-New Haven Hospital Department of Religious Ministries and co-chair of the Ethics Committee; "Death with Dignity?: Physician-Assisted Suicide, Psychiatry, and the Right to Die"
  • July 8 , 2011: Ralph DiLeone, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and of Neurobiology, Yale School of Medicine; "Molecules and Neural Circuits That Influence Models of Obesity and Food Addiction"
  • June 24 , 2011: C. A. Morgan, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine; "The Science of False Memories: What Does It Teach us? Why Is It Relevant to Clinicians?"

2018-2019 Grand Rounds Schedule

September 7, 2018: 100 Years of Women in Psychiatry Celebration

September 14, 2018:Flavio Frohlich, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

September 21, 2018: Monnica T. Williams, University of Connecticut

September 28, 2018: Mychal Denzal Smith, Author

October 5, 2018: Philip Corlett, Yale

October 12, 2018: Trace Kershaw, Yale

October 19, 2018: Etienne Sibille, Campbell Family Mental Health Research Institute of CAMH

October 26, 2018: Aisha Holder, Columbia University

November 2, 2018: Chairman's Award, John Krystal, Yale

November 9, 2018: Peter Holsapple/Chris Stamey, musicians

November 16, 2018: Madhukar Trivedi, UT Southwestern Medical Center

November 23, 2018: No Grand Rounds

November 30, 2018: Andrew Solomon, writer, Yale

December 7, 2018: URIM Panel Discussion, Yale

December 14, 2018: Ivana Kawikova, Yale

December 21, 2018: Nicholas Turk-Browne, Yale

December 28, 2018: No Grand Rounds

January 4, 2019: Alex Kwan, Yale

January 11, 2019: Joy Hirsch, Yale

January 18, 2019: Sarah Lisanby, NIMH

January 25, 2019: Nolan Ryan Williams, Stanford Neurosciences Institute

February 1, 2019: Robert J. Alpern, Yale, "State of the Medical School"

February 8, 2019: BJ Casey, Yale

February 15, 2019: Linda Carpenter, Brown

February 22, 2019: Camara Phyllis Jones, Morehouse School of Medicine

March 1, 2019: Andrew Krystal, UNC San Francisco

March 8, 2019: Myrna Weissman, Columbia

March 15, 2019: Shekhar Saxena, Harvard

March 22, 2019: Tor Wager, University of Colorado Boulder

March 29, 2019: John Torous, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

April 5, 2019: Zafra Cooper, Yale

April 12, 2019: Drew Westen, Emory, Sidney Blatt Lecture

April 19, 2019: No Grand Rounds

April 26, 2019: Yochelson Lecture

May 3, 2019: Dina Birman, University of Miami

May 10, 2019: Patrick Sullian, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Ribicoff Lecture

May 17, 2019: No Grand Rounds

May 24, 2019: No Grand Rounds

May 31, 2019: Lustman Awards

June 7, 2019: John Krystal, Yale, State of the Department Address

June 14, 2019: Commencement