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Office of Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy

Welcome to the Office of Spiritual Care (OSC) at Connecticut Mental Health Center (CMHC). The Reverend Hiram L. Brett is the Chaplain and Coordinator of Spiritual Care at CMHC.

The OSC provides meaningful and impactful spiritual care services to patients, their families and support networks, and staff members. Our aim is to create a sacred space for people of all faiths and cultural beliefs as they navigate stressful, life-changing or transitional moments and seek to find meaning, hope, connection, and comfort. We endeavor to help those we serve to identify and draw upon their own sources of inner strength.

Our goal is to affirm your humanity by using active and empathic listening, so you’re sure you are seen and heard. You may want to contact us if you:

  • Question whether your God or Higher Power cares
  • Feel anxious, sad, scared, frustrated or lonely
  • Question why this is happening
  • Want to receive, prayer, a sacrament, a ritual, a sacred text or religious object
  • Feel abandoned or punished by a Higher Power
  • Want someone to listen to you

The OSC has developed a library of spiritual resources that you can access online at any time. These curated resources are available to help you navigate your journey. We provide several categories of resources as shown below. Please click on the link below to be directed to a specific spiritual resource.