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Division of Mental Health Services and Treatment Outcomes Research


The task of health services research is to provide information on what benefits the health system actually delivers, and what benefits it has the potential to deliver for the people it serves. Services research is concerned with the benefit or harm that actually accrues to patients in ordinary treatment programs in the real world. Health services research addresses the organizational, financial and political context which profoundly shapes the delivery of care. Mental health services research can be conceptualized as constituting three broad areas which this Division focuses on: clinical services research; service systems research; and research in the organization and financing of mental health services. The Division of Mental Health Services & Treatment Outcomes Research along with other Yale faculty in the Departments of Psychiatry and Public Health are providing national leadership in these areas. The mission of this Division is to 1) facilitate collaboration between mental health services researchers, 2) provide training and educational opportunities for interns, residents, fellows, and faculty, and 3) create an avenue for researchers to receive feedback on ideas and disseminate findings.

Interested students, fellows or faculty who are interested in joining and participating in the Division are welcome to contact Please sign up for our listserv or if you want to just send a message to our list members, you can email us at


We have a meeting every two months at the VA MIRECC conference room (Building 35 Lower Level at 950 Campbell Ave., West Haven). The meetings usually begin with announcements, discussion of ongoing projects, and other issues followed by scheduled speakers who present their work.

Each meeting will allow time to discuss collaborations and training opportunities. We also have an email listserv that sends a monthly update on members’ achievements, ongoing work, and other important issues. Individual meetings among Division members aside from these formal meetings are also encouraged.