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Yale Psychiatry Wellness Initiative

The Yale Psychiatry residency program is deeply committed to the well-being and development of our resident physicians. In 2019, the Wellness Task Force was established to support our training programs in addressing the complex intersections of burnout and physician well-being and to advocate for structural opportunities to improve the wellbeing of our trainees. The taskforce identified several domains for enhancing wellbeing, including physical environments, access to and dissemination of well-being resources, training structures and their impacts on well-being, and fostering of community and social relationships.

The work of the Wellness Task Force continues through the Graduate Education Committe (GEC) commissioned Wellbeing workgroup, which provides ongoing support for initiatives that promote the wellbeing of residents and includes both residents and faculty.

Psychiatry Residency Wellness Initiative Contact

Connecting as A Community

Psychiatry Residents
These groups and events are wonderful opportunities to learn from stellar colleagues and friends.