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Alert & Critical Incident Team

The Alert and Critical Incident Support Team (ACIST) is a proactive resource for psychiatry residents after a critical incident or personal challenge. The program does not offer therapy or legal advice. Rather, it provides a sounding board, and an opportunity for information gathering, processing an event and its aftermath. It facilitates connections to resources in the university, community, and state.

The program is available to you by your request, whenever you need it. It will be offered to you when there is a critical incident and when the department learns that you are dealing with a difficult matter. We will check in and remind you of the resources, and you decide if and how to use ACIST.

There are no requirements of you. Your participation is strictly voluntary and confidential. The only agenda is to provide resources and support to you. You are 100% welcome to use the program and 0% obligated. No records are kept.

Location: CMHC, Law & Psychiatry Department, Room 152

Contact: 203-668-9366 or

ACIST Contact