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Benefits Counseling

A significant portion of Veterans who apply for disability benefits have difficulty finding and sustaining employment, and are concerned that working for pay will jeopardize their receipt of service-connection benefits. Too frequently, the process of applying for disability fails to include reminders of opportunities for rehabilitation.

Benefits Counseling is an Motivational Interview-formatted counseling intervention designed to help people who are applying for disability benefits learn about opportunities to work and receive service-connection, manage their time productively, manage their money so it furthers their goals, and avail themselves of treatment. In a completed clinical trial, Veterans who received the Benefits Counseling intervention went on to work for pay significantly more often than controls.

A computer-delivered version of the Benefits Counseling intervention tailored to help Veterans applying for service-connection engage in work-related activities was developed and pilot tested. A current clinical trial is testing this counseling's efficacy.

Benefits Counseling Materials



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