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Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health


To promote the recovery, self-determination, and community inclusion of people facing psychiatric disability and/or addiction through focusing on their strengths and the valuable contributions they have to make to the lives of their communities.

Research, Training, Consultation Portfolio

Developing, evaluating, and offering tools, technologies, and technical assistance for communities and organizations engaged in behavioral health system transformation.

  • Education and Training for people in recovery, providers, organizations, schools, and communities in becoming more recovery-oriented and culturally responsive.
  • Participatory Research involving qualitative and quantitative methods; measure and tool development; and database design.
  • Program Evaluation including capacity and needs assessment; program design and evaluation; linking activities to outcomes; using data to sustain program operations; and strategies for building organizational capacity for self-assessment.
  • Organizational Consultation for enhancing organizational cultural competencies; technical assistance on resource development and building community partnerships; person-centered planning; organizational and system transformation.
  • Policy Development to promote implementation of recovery-oriented and culturally responsive organizational policies, procedures, and practice standards.

Yale Faculty