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Ongoing Funded Research

US Department of Veterans Affairs Merit Award (co-PI: Gelernter J and Stein M)
10/1/18 – 9/30/2022
Genomics of PTSD and Related Traits
The aims of this study are to identify risk loci for PTSD and related traits in the context of the Million Veteran Program; and to conduct extensive post-GWAS analyses.

Pfizer Global ASPIRE Competitive Grant (PI: Polimanti R)
9/25/18 – 12/31/19
Epigenome-wide investigation of medical history in TTR Val122Ile African American carriers
This project will investigate the interactions of genetic and epigenetic variation with respect to the phenotypic expression observed among African-American carriers of the Transthyretin Val122Ile mutation.

NIH/MIAAA R01AA026364 (PI: Gelernter J)
9/1/18 – 8 /31/23
Genetics of Alcohol Dependence in African Americans: Recruitment
Alcohol dependence (AD) in the United States is highly destructive and costly to individuals and to society. We previously conducted an AD research project focused on the understudied African-American (AA) population. Compared to most studies of European-ancestry subjects, studies to date of AAs have often been underpowered due to both inadequate sample size and insufficient genomewide coverage. Additional recruitment of AA AD subjects with a state-of-the-art assessment is necessary, and that is the goal of the present project. Deep phenotyping will make available other relevant related phenotypes.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Young Investigator Grant (PI: Polimanti R)
10/1/17 – 09/30/19
Genome-wide investigation of suicide behaviors in the context of substance dependence
The main goal of the current proposal is to gain new insights into the pathophysiology of suicide behaviors in subjects with substance use disorders (SUDs), by increasing our understanding of the underlying genetic basis of suicide.

Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative Explorer Grant (PI: Polimanti R)
10/1/17 – 09/30/19
Cognitive and Brain Imaging Study of Autism Spectrum Disorder Risk Alleles Under Positive Selection in Affected and Unaffected individuals
The project will investigate the effects of ASD risk alleles under positive selection in affected and unaffected individuals to understanding the consequences of these “selected” ASD risk alleles will provide novel insight regarding key molecular mechanisms and help the general public to understand the causes of ASD.

NIH/NIDA U01 MH109532 (Co-PI: Agarwal A, Edenberg H, and Gelernter J)
6/20/16 – 3/31/21
7/7 Psychiatric Genomics Consortium: Finding actionable variation
This proposal funds the third iteration of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium, and the first to include a Substance Use Disorders group – which is co-led by Drs. Gelernter, Agarwal, and Edenberg. The goal is to conduct large meta- and mega-analyses of GWAS data with the aim of discovering new risk alleles and mechanisms for the many psychiatric traits of interest.

NIH/NIDA R01DA037974 (co-PI: Malison R and Gelernter J)
6/15/15 – 3/31/20
Identifying Methamphetamine Risk Variants by Extreme Phenotype Exome Sequencing
The current R01 proposes to identify both common and rare genetic variants underlying the susceptibility to methamphetamine dependence using an extreme phenotype design in severely affected Thais and exposed but unexpected matched controls.

NIH/NIDA R01DA12690 (PI: Gelernter J)
8/5/00 – 8/31/2019
Genetics of Opioid Dependence
The goal of this project is to identify genetic variants that affect risk for opioid dependence, using whole exome sequencing of European- and African-American subjects.