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Public Psychiatry

For residents hoping to practice pubic psychiatry, we first have the task of understanding it. To that end, the Public Psychiatry Resident Interest Group will serve as a platform for our exploration of themes, history, and current practices within public psychiatry. In doing so, we hope to foster “a sense of continuing possibility*” among the trainees who engage with it.

The second mission of this interest group is to bring together across all years of training to share knowledge and resources. Above all, we aim to support each other’s motivations and hopes through conversation and community.

*Rowe M, Lawless M, Thompson K, and Davidson L (2011). Classics of Community Psychiatry: Fifty Years of Public Mental Health Outside the Hospital. Oxford University Press. New York, NY.


Resident Leader - Amy Cheung

Faculty Advisors – Emma Lo, Andrea Mendiola, and Jeanne Steiner