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Training Opportunities

Yale POWER offers training for undergraduates, graduate students (psychology practica and allied health disciplines), and post-doctoral trainees. Please contact Dr. Lydecker for more information or to apply (

  • Undergraduate clinical-research internship during the academic year: We offer semester-long internships in the Fall and Spring for undergraduate students. Students must be enrolled in an independent study (tutorial) course at their institution (Yale or other university). Time commitment depends on parameters of the independent study/tutorial. Students interested in learning about clinical research on eating disorders, obesity, and weight bias will have an opportunity to help with large-scale research trials and complete a mentored research project.
  • Undergraduate intensive summer clinical-research internship: Students interested in patient-oriented research on eating disorders, obesity and weight bias are encouraged to apply by Feb 1 for our intensive summer internship. The internship is 32 hours/week for 10 weeks and involves research activities related to NIH-funded trials and group research projects. Interns will also have the opportunity to complete an individual project from start (generating hypotheses) to finish (presenting findings).
  • Graduate students in clinical psychology: We offer clinical-research training in behavioral and cognitive treatments for binge-eating disorder and obesity (behavioral weight loss and cognitive-behavioral therapy), as well as clinical assessment. Training and supervision is provided by licensed Yale faculty. Minimum commitment is 10 hours/week for 1 year.
  • Graduate students in allied health professions: We offer clinical-research training in behavioral and cognitive treatments and/or brief clinical interviewing and/or research assistant positions depending on the needs of Yale POWER and trainees’ interests. Past graduate students have been enrolled in a variety of Yale programs, including: nursing, physician assistant, and public health disciplines. Minimum commitment is 5 hours/week for 1 semester (2 semesters or more preferred).
  • Advanced graduate students in clinical psychology: We offer clinical-research training and supervision for graduate students who are near to completion of their PhD and wish to work full-time in a clinical-research setting (4 or 5 days/week). Opportunities for involvement in publishing and/or grant-writing may be possible depending on trainee interest and experience. Minimum commitment is 1 year.
  • Post-doctoral trainees: We offer training and clinical-research opportunities for individuals who have completed their PhD in psychology (Clinical, Counseling, or Health) or related disciplines and have an interest in obesity, disordered eating, and eating disorders. Postdocs work closely with Yale faculty and other pre-doctoral and post-doctoral trainees and are ideal for individuals who wish to pursue clinical-research careers. Minimum commitment 1 year (2 years preferred). To apply, please send a CV and statement of interest to Dr. Grilo (

Current Openings

Postdoctoral Psychology Associate Position in Eating/Weight Disorders Post-Bariatric Surgery Yale School of Medicine

The Program for Obesity, Weight, and Eating Research (POWER) at the Yale School of Medicine is seeking qualified candidates for a Postdoctoral Psychology Associate position under the supervision of Drs. Valentina Ivezaj and Carlos M. Grilo. New studies supported by NIH grants will provide training and clinical-research opportunities for individuals interested in careers working with obesity, binge eating, and bariatric surgery. This position is tailored toward careers in clinical practice and program development/leadership (i.e., clinicians and clinician-educators) in academic medical school and health-care systems. This position will provide ample clinical and supervision hours for independent psychology licensure. Clinical work will involve delivering treatment and administering assessments within the context of NIH-funded randomized controlled trials. More specifically, clinical post-doctoral associates will serve primarily as research clinicians on NIH-funded studies examining behavioral and pharmacologic treatments for binge eating (or loss-of-control eating) and for weight regain among adults who have undergone bariatric surgery. Strong clinical skills and experience in evidence-based treatments and with assessment methods (e.g., semi-structured diagnostic interviews) are required. Candidates must have a doctoral degree in clinical, health, or counseling psychology, completed an APA-approved internship, and have experience with patients who seek/undergo bariatric surgery. Depending on post-doc interest, there may be opportunities for clinical supervision of practicum students in the second year of the position. This position is ideal for individuals pursuing careers as clinicians and clinical educators in academic medical center or health service settings and is tailor-made for clinician scholarships, such as the National Register credentialing scholarship. Positions are full-time for 1-2 years (with strong preference for 2-year positions).

Working at Yale POWER

Yale POWER is a research clinic in the Department of Psychiatry within the Yale School of Medicine. For more than three decades, our program has been continuously funded by the NIH to conduct treatment studies for individuals with eating/weight concerns. The clinical environment is busy and provides ample hours to apply for licensure after one full year (most post-docs apply for licensure during their second year, timing their application with state-based requirements). Yale POWER is best suited for individuals who are curious and patient-centered; our research environment is an ideal setting to master specific assessment instruments and protocolized behavior therapies while also engaging with colleagues about clinical observations and their significance. Above having a strong work ethic and being detail-oriented, Yale POWER prioritizes highly collaborative and collegial relationships within the post-doc cohort and with faculty, who make it a point to be highly responsive and accessible. Plus, there will be opportunities to discuss pros and cons of the various outstanding pizza options in New Haven, and to marvel at the perks of having a “handsome” canine mascot for the university. Members of under-represented groups are especially encouraged to apply as are individuals who have interests in health disparities and eating/weight disorders. Several on-going studies are examining bias and disparities.

Start date is July 2023 (although early start date is possible and negotiable if desired). Applications will be reviewed starting November 2022 (and will be accepted until position is filled). Interested candidates should send a CV and statement of interests (reference letters will be requested after initial review) by email to both: Carlos M. Grilo, Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology, Yale University ( and to Valentina Ivezaj, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Director of Obesity and Bariatric Research Initiatives (

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