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MBC Demonstration Videos

Scripts developed by the MBC in Mental Health Initiative, Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, VA Central Office.

Production by the Employee Educational System (EES) at the St. Louis Studio.

Clinicians featured:

  1. Brian Shiner MD, MPH, Staff Psychiatrist, White River Junction VA Medical Center (videos #1, 6-8)
  2. Keitha Beamer, APRN, CNS,BC, CARN-AP, CBOC Mental Health Team, Crescenz VAMC (videos #2, 9-11)
  3. Marva M. Robinson, Psy.D, PCMHI Psychologist, St. Louis, North County CBOC (video #3)
  4. Theresa M. Van Iseghem, Psy.D, Primary Care Psychologist, St. Charles CBOC, St. Louis VAMC (video #4, 11)
  5. Richard P. Martielli, Ph.D., ABPP, PC-MHI, VA St. Louis Health Care System (video #5).