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Interventional Psychiatry

The purpose of the Interventional Psychiatry Research Group (IPRG) is to cultivate research that informs and expands the treatments offered by the Interventional Psychiatry Service. More broadly, the group will discuss ways to map and modulate the aberrant neural networks implicated in neuropsychiatric disease. Neuroimaging (fMRI, PET), brain stimulation (transcranial magnetic stimulation, electroconvulsive therapy, deep brain stimulation, vagal nerve stimulation) and novel psychopharmacological agents (ketamine) will all be discussed. The establishment of this group will hopefully create a sense of community among those who study, prescribe and deliver neuromodulatory techniques.

Leadership of the Interventional Psychiatry Group:

Leadership of the Interventional Psychiatry Group:
Resident Leader – Marcus Hughes
Faculty Advisors - Robert Ostroff and Gerard Sanacora