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Participating in a Yale Mood Disorders Research Program Study

Participation in all our studies is free and confidential and includes state-of-the art assessments and MRI scanning. Your participation in our studies is valuable in helping us improve understanding and methods for detection and treatment to reduce the suffering and risk of suicide in mood and related disorders.

Free Talk Therapy

Our Brain Emotion Circuitry Targeted Self-Monitoring and Regulation Therapy (BE-SMART) research program provides participants strategies to improve their emotional health

  • Ages 16-29 years
  • Diagnosis or symptoms of depression or bipolar disorder, or have a parent with bipolar disorder
  • Most sessions via telehealth
  • Wearable / Smartphone technologies
  • MRI scanning to study brain changes with therapy
  • Compensation up to $540

Find Out If You Are Eligible

Call to speak with a study coordinator to find out if you are eligible. If eligible, we will do all we can to schedule your appointment at a time most convenient for you.