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Biological Sciences Training Program (BSTP) in Psychiatry: NIMH-Funded (T32) Training Grant


  • To train post-doctoral fellows in biological and behavioral neurosciences relevant to mental illness and health
  • To help fill a nationally recognized need of increasing the number of research psychiatrists with a grounding in basic biological sciences
  • To develop the interest of basic scientists in clinical problems as well as interdisciplinary aspects of their own basic research
  • To promote cross-fertilization between basic researchers and individuals with clinical experience/expertise

Who is eligible?

  • Psychiatrists, generally after completing two or three years of clinical residency training
  • Individuals with a PhD degree in basic science
  • The BSTP is open to all individuals interested in receiving training in the neurobiology of complex behaviors and major mental illness and health. The BSTP director and faculty are dedicated to developing a training program for fellows from diverse backgrounds, and recruitment of fellows from under represented minorities and with disabilities is a major priority and focus of our efforts.


Trainees work with any Department of Psychiatry Faculty mentor pursuing research and/or other academic activities consistent with the program’s patient-oriented research mission.

How to Apply / Contact Us:

Interested individuals should identify a potential mentor from the affiliated BSTP Training Faculty listed below and contact them directly to determine whether there is an opportunity for a host lab. After identifying and agreeing on a host lab, please contact Alexa-Nicole Sliby at for information on how to make a formal application. Please note that because this is an NIH Training Grant, only US citizens and Green Card holders are eligible for support.

BSTP/T32 Faculty:

Marina Picciotto, PhDDirector
Jane Taylor, PhDAssociate Director, Basic Research
Nii Addy, PhDAssociate Director of Diversity
Amy Arnsten, PhDProfessor
Kevin Behar, PhDProfessor
Hilary Blumberg, MDProfessor
Angelique Bordey, PhDProfessor
Jess Cardin, PhDAssociate Professor
Philip Corlett, PhDAssistant Professor
Ralph Dileone, PhDProfessor
George Dragoi, MD, PhDAssistant Professor
Cyril D'Souza, MDProfessor
Irina Esterlis, PhDAssociate Professor
Joel Gelernter, MDProfessor
David Glahn, MDProfessor
Mike Higley, MD, PhDAssociate Professor
Arie Kaffman, MD, PhDAssistant Professor
Anthony Koleske, PhDProfessor
John Krystal, MDProfessor
Alex Kwan, PhDAssistant Professor
Angus Nairn, PhDProfessor
Stephanie O'Malley, PhDProfessor
Christopher Pittenger, MD, PhDAssociate Professor
Mark Potenza, MD, PhDProfessor
Gerard Sanacora, MD, PhDProfessor
Nenad Sestan, MD, PhDProfessor
Rajita Sinha, PhDProfessor
Dana Small, PhDProfessor
Steve Strittmatter, MD, PhDProfessor
Susumu Tomita, PhDProfessor
Flora Vaccarino, MD, PhDProfessor