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Psychiatry Technology Group

Group Description

Increasingly, technology plays a role in the diagnosis, treatment and management, and prognosis of mental illness. The Psychiatry Technology Group (Psych Tech Group) aims to explore applications of existing and future technologies in psychiatry and mental health. A fundamental component of successful technology application is design, which recognizes and incorporates the needs and behaviors of clinicians and the patients they serve. The group meets monthly to discuss numerous topics ranging from social media and mobile devices to robotics and machine learning with scholars from across campus. These discussions serve as a forum for residents, faculty, and other interested participants on campus.

Group Mission

  • Promote the development and dissemination of knowledge in the use of technology in psychiatry and mental health.
  • Facilitate workshops on design principles to inform use of technology in psychiatry and mental health.

Leadership of the Psychiatry Technology Group are:
Resident Leaders – TBD
Faculty Advisor – Eric Hermes