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Yale Measurement Based Care Collaborative

The Yale MBC Collaborative is dedicated to MBC implementation for systems, clinicians and clients and MBC advancement as an evidence-based practice via continued research. The Collaborative was formed by a group of psychologists with interests in clinical service delivery, research, program implementation, quality improvement, reducing healthcare disparities, and advancements in mental health care systems that will result in better outcomes for all. We believe that MBC is a crucial ingredient in achieving these goals.

The YMBCC was co-founded and developed through the collaborative efforts of Jessica Barber, PhD, Amber W. Childs, PhD, Elizabeth Connors, PhD, and Sandy Resnick, PhD in the Psychiatry Department at the Yale School of Medicine.

What is MBC?

Measurement based care (MBC) is a clinical process where mental health clinicians and clients use patient-reported outcome measure (PROM) data to track progress and to inform treatment decisions. MBC empowers clinicians and clients by improving communication and collaboration. Lack of symptom improvement or progress toward goals is more rapidly detected when using MBC, which allows for quicker adjustments to treatment. For these reasons, MBC contributes to better client outcomes.

For more information about MBC, visit the Yale MBC Collaborative Knowledge Hub or the American Psychological Association MBC Practice website.

The Yale MBCC does not endorse any specific measurement feedback system but does partner with organizations and entities on educational material development for the field.