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GROW Core Program

The Core Program is the flagship curriculum of the GROW initiative and was established in 2021. In the GROW Core Program, clinical supervisors, and educators of advanced behavioral health trainees, engage in a 6-month comprehensive program that equips them with the foundational knowledge and core skills needed to engage in racially and culturally responsive supervision and practice.

Using a combination of live and digital learning elements, learners are trained by experts across six content domains including evidence-based models for clinical supervision, key foundational and advanced concepts in culture and diversity (Fig. 1).

The GROW Core program includes six expert led, live workshops, facilitated small co-learning groups, and self-paced learning materials (Fig.1).

Content domains are as follows:

  1. History of Racism in Medicine, Psychiatry and Local Context
  2. Fundamentals in Clinical Supervision
  3. Foundations in Culture and Diversity
  4. Skills Application: Culture and Diversity Foundations
  5. Foundations and Skills in Intersectionality
  6. Foundations and Skills in Structural Competence

The program emphasizes concrete skills development related to key concepts so that learners can effectively integrate knowledge into their supervision and clinical practice. Throughout, learners are invited and encouraged to understand themselves as cultural beings and how aspects of their unique identities are relevant in their work as supervisors and clinicians.

Since its inception in 2021, the Core Program has served over 100 faculty registrants within the Department of Psychiatry’s Psychology Doctoral Internship and Psychiatry Residency Programs. Early outcome data from the pilots indicate high levels of utility, applicability, overall learning, and satisfaction.