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Research and Evaluation

Research and Evaluation

The vision of GROW is to create and sustain a culture of ongoing education, focused research and scholarship and advocacy for responsive changes in clinical care related to culture and diversity. The GROW program leadership and trainees work to disseminate learnings and produce scholarship that furthers the mission of culturally and racially responsive training and practice, including outcomes data related to program itself.


  • Childs, A.W., Crusto, C. A., & Miller, R. (Under Review). Getting Racism Out of our Work (GROW): Context and design for a curriculum to increase psychiatry training faculty’s multicultural competence.

Conference Presentations

  • Childs, A. W. (Co-Chair) & Kaslow, N. A. (Accepted). Getting Racism Out of our Work (GROW): Promoting racially and culturally competent supervision. Symposium Accepted for the American Psychological Association’s 2023 Annual Convention.
  • Kruger, M. & Miller, R. (Aug, 2023). Turning data into action: The data-driven pathway to GROW.
  • Childs, A. W. & Crusto, A. (Aug, 2023). Getting familiar with GROW: Program design, pilot outcomes and future directions
  • LaPaglia, D. & Carr, E. (Aug, 2023). From the participant’s perspective: Moving through GROW

GROW Invited Presentations

  • Childs, A. W. (Feb, 2023). Getting Racism Out of our Work (GROW): Building racially and culturally competent supervisors. The University of Michigan, School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics Forum on Racism and Justice.

GROW Sponsored Research and Scholarship

Switching the Code: Understanding Professionalism

With the vision of GROW in mind and with sponsorship from the Yale School of Medicine's Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and the Yale Department of Psychiatry, GROW also sponsors research and scholarship, actively working to generate collaborations and mentorship between faculty and trainees and to support GROW aligned work.

  1. GROW Faculty-Trainee Research awards are seed funds intended to support a collaborative research project with a faculty and trainee focused on culture and diversity. Current or former GROW enrollees are encouraged to reach out to GROW Leadership regarding GROW Faculty-Trainee research opportunities.
  2. The GROW Faculty Development/Conference Awards are intended to provide faculty participating in the GROW curriculum can participate in a professional development activity that might otherwise be unavailable to them. Current or former GROW enrollees are encouraged to reach out to GROW Leadership regarding GROW Faculty Development/Conference Awards.

Switching the Code: Understanding Professionalism

GROW Faculty-Trainee Research Award Funded Project: $850

PI- Jennifer Kilkus, PhD

Co-PI: Gabriel Cartagena, PhD

Project Description: Psychology training programs are tasked with ensuring that psychology trainees enter the workforce with the competencies necessary to serve a diverse population of individuals. Considerable efforts have been made to include awareness of individual and cultural diversity concerns as a core competency of professional psychology training. Concurrently, psychology trainees are also tasked with upholding standards of professional values and behavior. Definitions of professionalism are bound to norms and expectations that upholds a culture of Whiteness that discriminates against non-White and non-Western professionalism standards (Pennington & Prater, 2016). There is an unexamined inconsistency between the expectations that are held for psychology trainees regarding cultural competency while also upholding an expectation of “professional” behavior. The goal of this project is to conduct a qualitative research study of psychology interns about their use and experience of codeswitching in their graduate program and internship training. In this study, we will assess:

  1. participant awareness of codeswitching and its relevance in their own experiences,
  2. trainee use of codeswitching,
  3. their experiences with choosing to engage in this behavior to assimilate within their graduate programs.
  4. the psychological impact of the use of codeswitching.
Impact: This project will contribute to the broader literature on teaching and training of faculty and supervisors of psychology interns by provide a more in-depth understanding of the use and impact of codeswitching in psychology interns.

GROW Sponsored Faculty Development/Conference Awards


Angela Haney, PhD

Collaborative Perspectives on Addition Conference

Invited Presentation exploring methodological considerations for conducting addiction research with People and Communities of Color

GROW Trainee Research Scholarship Awardees


  • Briana N. Spivey, B.S.
    $500 GROW Award
  • Tosin Adesogan, M.S.
    $500 GROW Award


  • Macarena Kruger, B.S.
    $500 GROW Award
  • Azza Hussein, B. A.
    $500 GROW Award