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Research Track Psychiatry Residents at Yale

Shivani Bhatt grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, and developed a fondness for many of the things she still enjoys: singing, cold weather bragging rights, and poring over maps of the world. 
I was born and raised in Germany and attended Philipps University medical school in Marburg. During this time, I also pursued clinical training at Leeds Medical School (UK) and the University of Zurich (Switzerland), where I discovered my passion for clinical psychiatry and neuroscience.
Victoria Lewis, MD, was born in Washington, D.C., but grew up in cities throughout Los Angeles County, California. She attended UC Berkeley for undergrad where she majored in Public Health with a minor in Global Poverty and Practice.
Max Rolison, MD, is a current Yale University Medical Student. He is a resident physician in the Albert J. Solnit Integrated Adult/Child/Adolescent Psychiatry program. He received his B.S. with distinction in Psychology (Neuroscience) from Yale University and his M.D. from Yale School of Medicine.