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The Steward House at Silver Hill

The Steward House at Silver Hill in New Canaan, CT.

Mental health problems and addiction are “equal opportunity” destroyers of lives, dreams and families. Even the strongest, most ambitious and resilient among us struggle with mental health and substance use problems. Even those responsible for overseeing large organizations or accountable for the welfare of many, those who command respect and trust—the stewards of our society. Someone like you.

The Steward House at Silver Hill, in New Canaan, CT., a collaboration between Yale Medicine, Yale New Haven Health and Silver Hill Hospital, is a transitional living program exclusively for leaders to rediscover and strengthen the skills necessary for long-term recovery and wellness. Our program allows you to undergo intensive therapy free from major stressors and triggers in a compassionate environment designed around you. Entrusted with your care, our world-renowned team of experts provides professional treatment to steward you through recovery.

At The Steward House, instead of you conforming to an established treatment, your care conforms to your individual needs. Our expert team of mental health professionals will develop an individualized treatment plan centered in evidence-based medicine and specific to you. Your plan is based on a comprehensive psychosocial assessment that guides the creation of your 30-day therapy protocol.

The Strength of Three Venerable Institutions

The Steward House program represents the collaboration of Silver Hill Hospital, Yale New Haven Health and the Department of Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine. The program uniquely weds the distinctive professionalism and environment of Silver Hill Hospital, one of the best psychiatric hospitals in the northeast and beyond, with the innovative clinical leadership of Yale Psychiatry, one of the top programs in the United States. Together, this dedicated team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, and counselors are equipped to treat even the most complex mental health cases.

Learn More About The Steward House at Silver Hill

Learn more about The Steward House at Silver Hill by visiting The Steward House website.