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Opportunities for paid on-call experiences are available in several of the Department's affiliated institutions beginning in the PGY-2 year.

Clinical activities outside of the Residency Program (moonlighting) are monitored to ensure that they do not interfere with education, clinical performance or patient care responsibilities. Any resident who wishes to moonlight must request prior approval from the Residency Director. A form, available in the Office of Education and on the Program Website, must be completed outlining the hours involved, the work to be performed and the location. The following guidelines apply to all moonlighting requests:

  • Moonlighting is a privilege. The resident’s performance evaluations, clinical responsibilities and on-call schedule will be reviewed to ensure that moonlighting activities do not interfere with education, performance, patient care or the successful completion of residency requirements.
  • In all situations, residency requirements and activities take precedence over moonlighting.