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SJHE Publications and Presentations


Conference Presentations

  • Mathis WS. “Mapping and Data in a Social Justice Curriculum.” Association of Academic Psychiatry, Presidential Plenary Presentation, Virtual, 2021.
  • Cyrus KD, Jordan A, Stransky AD, DeSouza FAR, Mathis WS, Balasuriya L, Rohrbaugh RM. The Time Is Now for Change: Using Urgency to Create Revolutionary Social Justice Education in the Yale Psychiatry Residency Program. American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting. New York, May 2018 (Workshop)
  • Wang R, Sudak D, Bromage B, Mathis WS, Barnes C. The Community as Teacher: Structural Competency Curricula in Diverse Training Environments. American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training (AADPRT) Annual Meeting. San Diego, February 2019 (Workshop)
  • Mathis WS. Case Study: New Haven – A Web-based Mapping Tool for Teaching About the Social Determinants of Health and Their Integration into Clinical Care. Association for Academic Psychiatry Annual Meeting. Boston, September 2019 (Workshop).
  • Black C, Anderson N, Shen A, Roxas N, Ho P. Social Justice in Psychiatry Clerkship Education: An Evidence-Based Counternarrative to the Policing of Mental Healthcare. Association of Directions of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry (ADMSEP). San Diego, June 2023 (Workshop)


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  • Okani C, Black C. Comment on: Risk factors for workplace encounters with weapons by hospital employees. Public Health in Practice 2022; 3:100256.
  • Black C, Ramos M, Anderson N. From “Bad Blood” to “Racial Disparities:” Will Geriatric Psychiatrists Transcend the Wrongdoings of Tuskegee?. American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 2022, 30(8):851-853.
  • Black C, Isom J. Response to “Should Clinicians Be Activists”. AMA Journal of Ethics 2022, 24(7):E694-696.
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