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About Us

The Yale Department of Psychiatry is dedicated to providing the highest quality education in the field of Psychiatry; to providing leaders and leadership for the field; acquiring and disseminating new scientific knowledge pertinent to the causes and treatments of severe neuropsychiatric disorders and to serving as a model of exemplary mental health care for students and society.

The Yale Department of Psychiatry's teaching and research efforts further advance the body of knowledge in neurochemistry, genetics, psychopharmacology and brain imaging, as well as in social and behavioral therapies. Its teaching, research and clinical programs span across three geographically distinct clinical settings (The Connecticut Mental Health Center, Yale-New Haven Psychiatric Hospital, the Psychiatry Service at the West Haven Campus of the VA Connecticut Healthcare System) in a wide variety of areas including substance abuse, schizophrenia, health care delivery systems research, molecular psychiatry and many more. In each of these areas there is a critical mass of investigators who, although sometimes geographically separated, work as a team along with clinicians to address the challenges provided by these diverse disease areas. Our clinical services are enhanced by our research efforts. Known for their close alliance to our research staff, our clinical components are at the forefront of treatment both pharmacological and social.

You are invited to explore this web site and learn more about the Yale Department of Psychiatry.