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Clinical & Implementation Resources

Implementation Tools

Use this template and completed example to map out your new implementation of MBC or to expand upon an existing program.

  1. Implementation Planning Guide and Checklist
  2. Paper on the development of the Implementation Planning Guide and Checklist: Dollar, Kirchner, DePhilippis, Richie, McGee-Vincent, Burden, & Resnick (2020). Steps for Implementing Measurement-Based Care: Implementation Planning Guide Development and Use in Quality Improvement. Psychological Services 17(3), 347-261.
  3. Sample completed Implementation Planning Guide and Checklist
  4. Using Data in School Mental Health Treatment: Stakeholder Summary.
  5. Barber & Resnick (2022). Collect, Share, Act: A Transtheoretical Clinical Model for Doing Measurement-Based Care in Mental Health Treatment. Psychological Services.

Clinical Tools

These guides will walk you through the clinical process of MBC, beginning with the basics and continuing through more nuanced processes and common FAQs. Learn how to do Collect, Share, Act, how to explain the rationale for MBC to a client, and how to integrate MBC throughout your encounter.

One-Page Printable guides for doing MBC

These videos show MBC in action. Watch real clinicians explain the rationale for MBC, utilize it with a variety of patient-reported outcome measures, and address client concerns.

Training Tools

This toolkit will help you and your learners assess your MBC strengths, identify areas for growth, and will walk you through setting goals and experimenting with MBC.