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Latinx/Hispanic Affinity Group

We are a collective of Residents, Fellows, and Attendings devoted to safeguarding an inclusive space that is celebratory of our heterogeneous backgrounds and driven by a sense of service to local Latinx/Hispanic communities.

Community Outreach: We hope to leverage our identities to create lasting ties and collaboration with Latinx/Hispanic organizations in the Greater New Haven community and support existing advocacy and policy development efforts.

Building Community in the Department: We are devoted to fostering an inclusive, warm, and supportive environment for Latinx/Hispanic trainees and faculty in the Department of Psychiatry. Accordingly, we will sponsor spaces to talk about our shared and unique identities and explore how to support and empower each other.

Clinical Excellence: In the spirit of La Clínica Hispana, we are committed to professional excellence and will continue delivering high quality care with language concordance and cultural humility.

Educational Enrichment: Through our curriculum development and research initiatives, we hope to eradicate practices in the field of medicine that compromise the goal of providing evidence-based, culturally sensitive care to our Latinx/Hispanic patients. We will share our knowledge about Hispanic culture and mental health with professional and community organizations to increase the number of healthcare professionals who are equipped to help Hispanic/Latinx clients.

Mentorship, Professional Development & Retention: We will remain integral to the recruitment and retention of underrepresented minorities in medicine in the Yale Department of Psychiatry. Accordingly, we will sponsor and curate opportunities for mentorship and health professions exposure of those from disadvantaged backgrounds. We will support the advancement and professional development of our Hispanic faculty to increase the number of mentors, biomedical researchers, and leaders in our health centers.

Leadership of the Latinx/Hispanic Affinity Group:

Resident Leaders – Jose Calderon

Faculty Advisors – Marco Ramos and Fabiola Arbelo Cruz