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Clinical Programs

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Program

  • Provides care to patients with PTSD due to combat and non-combat trauma
  • Evidence-based treatment includes Cognitive Processing Therapy and Prolonged exposure
  • Other treatments include: medication management, individual, group, couples and family therapy

Neuropsychiatry Program

  • Provides care to patients with Affective Disorders, Psychotic Disorder and Personality Disorders.
  • Evidence-based treatment includes mediation management, psychotherapy (psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, etc.), individual, group, couples and family therapy.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program

  • Provides care to patients with Substance Use Disorders.
  • Evidence-based treatment includes Relapse Prevention, Motivational Intervention, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  • Other treatments include: medication management, individual, group, couples and family therapy.

Errera Community Care Center (ECCC)

  • The ECCC continues to be the national leader in the development, implementation, and expansion of VA community-based psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery programs for Veterans struggling with severe mental illness, substance abuse and/or homelessness. Clinical and housing programs to address the needs of female Veterans, Veterans with families and returning soldiers have been developed. Over 200 Veterans secured permanent housing this year with many also entering the workforce with the support of ECCC staff. The Center was recognized by the CT State Reaching Home Campaign as the CT Housing Partner of the Year. The ECCC also just received a three year accreditation from CARF and was given exemplary recognition for its Peer Support Technician program and Veteran's Mental Health Advisory Board. The ECCC's clinical programming is based on evidenced based practices which include case management, work rehabilitation, and housing. The Center also offers a variety of training to a variety of disciplines, and mentoring opportunities nationally.

Acute Care Firm

  • The Acute Care Firm comprises the inpatient psychiatry unit, the psychiatry emergency room and the psychiatric consult service.
  • The inpatient unit has 28 beds. Care is provided for Veterans from Connecticut who have acute psychiatric illnesses of all types. It is staffed by 3 psychiatrists, who supervise the work of 4-5 PGY1 and PGY2 psychiatric residents, and has social work and recreation therapy staff. It is also a training site for Yale medical and PA students. ECT is offered as well as all standard pharmacologic, group and psychotherapy treatments.
  • The consults service provides psychiatric consultation for the entire hospital, and has full time psychiatric staff coverage, as well as fellows, residents and medical students.
  • The psychiatry emergency room is a freestanding unit with two staff psychiatrists, as well as APRNs, PGY2 residents, and medical students. Off tour psychiatric treatment is provided by advanced on call psychiatrists. The ER maintains a close relationship with the medical emergency room as well as the inpatient unit.

Integrated Care Program

  • The Integrated Care Program provides mental health services in novel settings. The majority of our clinics are embedded with Primary Care Clinics, consistent with the objectives proposed by the 2000 Surgeon General's Working Meeting on the integration of mental health services and primary health care. Clinics are located in West Haven, Newington, and the VA's community Based Outpatient Clinics (in Danbury, New London, Stamford, Waterbury, Windham, and Winstead).

Newington Firm

  • Mental Health Clinic - affective disorders, PTSD and other anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, intensive and standard outpatient treatment.
  • Substance Abuse Treatment program - alcohol and other substance use disorders, tobacco treatment, Intensive and standard outpatient treatment.
  • Primary Mental Health Care clinic - open access mental health consultation, assessment, and brief treatment, co-located in Primary Care.