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How to Apply

To ensure sufficient time for our program to conduct a fair and equitable review of all applications received, applicants should not expect to receive interview invitations before October 21, 2022. Applicants receiving an interview offer can generally expect to have been contacted by December 23, 2022 (absent rare occasions when, due to cancellation, we may have an interview opening later in the season).

Our program is aware that the ERAS supplemental application process allows applicants to identify programs of particular interest using the “program signaling” function. We want to reassure applicants that our program does not intend to use this program signaling data to inform our decisions regarding interview invitations or the rank list process.

Our residency program is aware of the devastating impact that hurricanes Ian and Fiona have had on the infrastructure and the people of Puerto Rico, Florida, and other U.S. states. Our thoughts are with all of those who have been affected, including medical students and their families. We understand that some applicants may experience delays in their ability to provide components of their application. If you are experiencing such challenges, please let us know and we will of course take this into account when reviewing your application.

Consistent with Yale GME and AADPRT recommendations, the Yale Psychiatry Residency Program will be hosting an all-virtual recruitment process for the 2022-2023 recruitment cycle.

Interviews will be held over four weeks and invited applicants will participate in a full day of interviews and information sessions beginning at 10:30 am (on NRTP/Solnit interviews days) and 11:00 am (on General Residency Program days). During their interview day, applicants will have the opportunity to learn about our program and to meet with our program leadership, residents, and a diverse group of faculty with a broad range of professional interests.

For the 2022-2023 interview season, interviews will be conducted during the following weeks:

  • Week 1 = 11/28 & 11/29; 12/1 & 12/2
  • Week 2 = 12/12 & 12/13; 12/15 & 12/16
  • Week 3 = 12/19, 12/20, & 12/21
  • Week 4 = 1/9 & 1/10; 1/12 & 1/13

For those wishing to learn more about our Neuroscience Research Training Program or our Solnit Integrated Child/Adolescent/Adult Program, please explore the following sites:

Neuroscience Research Training Program

Solnit Integrated Training Program

For more information about Yale University's Visitors Policy during the pandemic please click here.

Our residents have chosen Yale for many reasons - among them our outstanding clinical and academic programs, our collegial atmosphere, and the ability to have real input into your own education plan. We invite you to browse our website and become familiar with our resident and faculty psychiatrists, our residency program, and our department.

If you are interested in building your career at Yale, please list us on your ERAS application form or contact the Education Office:

Mr. David Nestico
Project Coordinator, Residency Program
Department of Psychiatry
300 George Street, Suite 901
New Haven, CT 06511
Phone: 203-785-2095