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Success Stories

  • Conducted Gap Analysis and Mock Surveys

    Conducted gap analysis and mock surveys of state and private behavioral health hospitals to assist in preparing for initial Joint Commission accreditation. All hospitals were successfully accredited with deemed status as a result.

  • Successful Action Plans

    Assisted behavioral health hospitals and community behavioral health facilities to develop, implement and validate corrective action plans in response to adverse findings on State licensing, CMS and Joint Commission surveys. Those facilities were found to be in compliance on follow up surveys.

  • Operationalized Clinical Care Policies

    Served as the Monitor for behavioral health hospital under Consent Order. Over a 2-year period of time, was able to help them to exit consent and establish and operationalize clinical care policies that were consistent with nationally accepted standards of care. They are now fully licensed by the state and free of any consent related requirements.

  • Supervision Training

    Provided supervision training to one of the largest juvenile justice systems in the country across all divisions and to both clinical and non-clinical staff. System has described the changes as “transformative” and sustained the training through an intensive and comprehensive train the trainer model. Supervisors feel the supervisory model was highly practical for the setting allowing them to better focus on four core areas: quality of service, meeting administrative requirements, staff support and staff professional development.