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Resident Interest Groups

The Yale Department of Psychiatry offers opportunities for residents to supplement their education by joining resident interest groups. These groups meet frequently and allow residents to advance their learning about a specific area of psychiatry. The groups are led and run by residents with assistance from faculty.

Interest Group Resident Leader Faculty Advisor
Asian & Pacific Islander Resident Association YJ Lee, Andy Wen, & Sarah Yang Eunice Yuen
Cinema & Psychiatry Andy Wen Sid Phillips
Climate Change & Mental Health Action New Leaders TBD Chris Pittenger & Maya Prabhu
Global Mental Health Matthew Basilico, Jae Lee, & Marcos Moreno Ted Iheanacho, Michelle Silva, & Hamada Altalib
History, Humanity, & Health Nientara Anderson Joanna Radin & Marco Ramos
Interventional Psychiatry Marcus Hughes Robert Ostroff & Gerry Sanacora
Latinx/Hispanic Affinity Group Jose Calderon Marco Ramos & Fabiola Arbelo Cruz
PsychedOut Nat Gwilliam & Brad Martins Christy Olezeski
Psychedelic Science Group Alec Lerner Jordan Sloshower
Psychiatry Mental Health Policy Taiwo Alonge & Marcos Moreno Anne Klee
Psychiatry Technology Group TBD Eric Hermes
Public Psychiatry Amy Cheung Emma Lo, Andrea Mendiola, & Jeanne Steiner
Social Psychiatry Jeremy Levenson Marco Ramos
Solomon Carter Fuller Association Caylan Bookman & Liz Mensah Carmen Black
Women in Psychiatry Erin Davidowicz Ismene Petrakis
Women’s Mental Health Erin Davidowicz Ariadna Forray