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How to Find Us

Contact Information

For information on how to participate in our current studies contact You may also reach us by phone or fax:

Phone: 203-535-4424
Fax: 203-737-3591

Facilities and Instrumentation

Core Facilities:

Our main offices are located at 1 Church Street, 7th Floor – Suite 7, New Haven, CT 06519 – and at the CT Mental Health Center – 34 Park St New Haven, CT 06519. Contact information as well as directions is located under the contact us page of this website. We utilize a dedicated research MRI center located on the Yale Medical School campus for all of our imaging needs. In addition we have access to a state of the art genetics laboratory through Dr. Gelernter at the West Haven VA.

Instrumentation Laboratory:

Our main focus in most of our studies involves functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging. We utilize a 3.0T Siemens TIM Trio MRI MAGNETOM Trio with I-class, the only 3T system with the power of Tim (Total imaging matrix technology). Tim makes 3T simple to use for all clinical applications and all body parts. Available with up to 102 seamlessly integrated coils and up to 32 RF channels for ultra-fast scan times and high image resolution.