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History, Humanities, and Health Interest Group


The group’s mission is to foster an interdisciplinary environment where medical students, graduate students, physicians, and historians can discuss the political, cultural, and social dimensions of the medical profession through a historical lens.

Discussion Topics

Recent topics have focused on the intersection of mental illness, psychiatry, culture, and society from a historically-informed perspective. Specifically, the group has discussed or hosted presenters on:

  • The Social Construction of Mental Disorders
  • The Past and Future of Neuroscience and its Relation to Psychiatry
  • The History of Spiritism and Psychiatry in Cuba
  • The History of "Burnout" in American Psychology and Psychiatry

New themes to be discussed include social justice and psychiatry. The group will have discussions around:

  • Colonialism, Race and Psychiatry
  • The History of Prejudice and Triggering in Psychology and Psychiatry
  • The History of Schizophrenia and Race in the United States

Leadership of History, Humanities, and Health Interest Group:
Resident Leader – Nientara Anderson
Faculty Advisor – Joanna Radin & Marco Ramos