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Division of Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience

The Division of Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience is the component of the Yale Department of Psychiatry engaged in pathophysiologic and therapeutic research in psychiatric patients as well as psychopharmacologic and physiologic studies in healthy subjects. The aim of this Division is to facilitate the research activities and career development of faculty in the Department of Psychiatry that share these common aims.

The Division faculty is multidisciplinary, reflecting the breadth of technologies involved in cognitive and clinical neuroscience. Their area of expertise includes psychopharmacology, transcranial magnetic stimulation, electroconvulsive therapy, cognitive and neuropsychology, clinical electrophysiology, and functional magnetic resonance imaging.

The Division is distributed across all of the Department of Psychiatry's clinical sites. These facilities include the Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit at the Connecticut Mental Health Center; the Research Clinics at the Yale Psychiatric Institute; psychopharmacology research activities at Yale-New Haven Hospital; and located at the VA Connecticut Healthcare System, the Neurobiological Studies Unit, the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, the Clinical Electrophysiology Laboratory, and the Startle Laboratory. It also includes the Center for Translational Neuroscience of Alcoholism.