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VA Alcohol Research Center


Established in 1991 by John Krystal, MD, the VA Alcohol Center (also known as the ARC) has quickly become a unique resource for both veterans and the VA hospital by providing new knowledge into the neurobiology, genetics, and treatment of alcoholism and comorbid conditions. Its main goal is to uncover basic mechanisms underlying alcoholism and to translate these mechanisms into advances in the care of alcoholic veterans. The keys to the center’s continued vitality, generativity, and high impact include its commitment to developing the careers of young investigators, its ability to recruit established investigators and to synergize with the technologies available through the Yale University School of Medicine

This past year was one of transformation for the VA Alcohol Center: Ismene Petrakis, MD, Professor of Psychiatry at Yale, assumed the role of ARC Director, and resources have begun to be redirected to the collection of pilot data which includes the testing of novel neurobiological mechanisms and testing novel therapeutics in unique populations (comorbid with nicotine dependence, PTSD, schizophrenia). Given these exciting programmatic changes, the center plans to continue exemplifying how its existence continues to catalyze advancements in the field of alcoholism research, the training of young investigators, and the development of an outstanding cadre of faculty investigators at the VA Connecticut.

Who is Eligible?

Healthy subjects, as well as treatment and non-treatment seeking individuals who are currently drinking alcohol or have been diagnosed with alcohol dependence.



Fredrick Bois, PhD Richard Carson, PhD
Kelly P. Cosgrove, PhD Yu-Shin Ding, PhD
Ronald Duman, PhD Ralitza Gueorguieva, PhD
Hyojung Kang, PhD Xingguang Luo, MD, PhD
Graeme Mason, PhD Stephanie O’Malley, PhD
Godfrey Pearlson, MD Albert Perrino, MD
Brian Pittman, MS Elizabeth Ralevski, PhD
George Richerson, MD Douglas Rothman, PhD
Samuel Newton Sathyanesan, PhD John Seibyl, MD
Louis Trevisan, MD Wendol Williams, MD
Yuan-ming Wu, MD Bao-zhu Yang, PhD