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CMHC Wellness Center

The CMHC Wellness Center is the primary care clinic located within Connecticut Mental Health Center at the 34 Park Street building. CMHC clients may choose to receive their primary medical care at the Wellness Center.

If you are a CMHC client and you wish to visit the Wellness Center, just ask your clinician for a referral, or stop by the Wellness Center (Room 260 on the 2nd floor).

Contact the Wellness Center

Wellness Center Q&A

What services are available at the Wellness Center?

Physicals, follow-up medical appointments, sick visits, administered vaccines, blood work, other diagnostic tests, and referrals to medical specialists. The Wellness Center also offers Wellness Workshops, such as how to quit smoking or prevent diabetes, as well as support from Peer Health Navigators (see below for more information).

What are the hours of the Wellness Center?

For general inquiries:
Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM—5:00 PM

For appointments with the Nurse Practitioner:
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays
8:30 AM—12:00 Noon and 1:10—4:30 PM

Do I need insurance to receive medical care at the Wellness Center?

CMHC clients are seen and treated in the Wellness Center regardless of health insurance status. Staff members help arrange for coverage as needed.

I’m a CMHC client. Do I need a referral?

You don’t need a referral to register at the Wellness Center, but you may get one from your clinician if you wish.

Who provides medical care at the Wellness Center?

Medical professionals from Cornell Scott Hill Health Center provide primary care at the CMHC Wellness Center. In addition, Peer Health Navigators work at the Wellness Center to assist clients with care coordination and wellness goals.

Tell me more about the Peer Health Navigators.

Peer Health Navigators, staff members with their own experience with mental illness and/or addictions, are available to assist clients in achieving their wellness goals. Navigators offer support through advocacy, wellness planning, providing education and care coordination, scheduling appointments, making reminder calls, arranging transportation, and other practical tasks that help clients use the medical system with ease.

Who runs the Wellness Center?

The CMHC Wellness Center is a partnership between Connecticut Mental Health Center and Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center. The Wellness Center was established with a grant from SAMHSA, the federal agency for mental health care, as part of SAMHSA’s initiative to integrate primary and behavioral health care nationwide.

VIDEO: CMHC Wellness Center

CMHC clients discuss their experience with the Wellness Center.