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Asian & Pacific Islander Resident Association

The mission of the Asian and Pacific Islander Residents Association is to support and promote the experience of trainees who are of Pacific Islander and Asian descent in the Yale Psychiatry Department. We celebrate the vast diversity that exists in our communities and, as people of color, seek justice and equity for all those who confront racism and xenophobia in our society. We seek to accomplish this vision through building relationships with allies, supporting diverse recruitment, fostering mentorship, improving medical education, raising consciousness, and advocating for AAPI needs within our department and through active engagement with the communities whom we care for.

Types of events that this group sponsors include:

  • Teach-ins on AAPI history
  • Sharing cuisine from our various cultures and backgrounds (e.g. cooking a meal together and learning about its history through ingredients and dishes).
  • Social gatherings within the AAPI group itself
  • Social gatherings and cosponsored gatherings with other LGBTQIA* and BIPOC groups within the department.
  • Healing gatherings exploring and discussing the history of traditional practices (e.g. local Qi Gong practitioners, yoga).
  • Community art project workshops (e.g. Kitsungi)
  • Cultural activities (field trips to theatre productions and art exhibitions, film screenings, book clubs)
  • Invited speakers on AAPI-related topics

Leadership of the Asian & Pacific Islander Resident Association:
Resident Leader: – YJ Lee, Andy Wen, & Sarah Yang
Faculty Advisor: – Eunice Yuen