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Paul Amble, MD


Dr. Amble completed his residency training at the Yale Department of Psychiatry in 1992 and is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry. During his career he has worked collaboratively with colleagues to formulate best practices and manage individuals who presented significant risk toward themselves and the community.

As a member of the Yale faculty and teacher/educator for many years, he has been qualified as an expert in state and federal courts and has been involved in the clinical oversight of high-risk patients throughout his career. Dr. Amble is an expert in managing individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism, overseeing the prescribing of psychopharmacology and assisting to reduce the patient exposure to medication through managing individuals within the clinical behavioral team. Dr. Amble has been involved in the monitoring panel over class action lawsuits, overseen the provision of psychiatric services through state contracts, and has been engaged by state and private agencies to provide consultation services for complex clinical matters.