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  • Muvvala Named Recipient of Bland Award

    Srinivas Muvvala, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, has been selected as a recipient of the 2020-2021 Irma Bland, MD Certificate of Excellence in Teaching Residents.

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  • Yale Psychiatry Names New Research Leaders at Connecticut Mental Health Center

    Marina Picciotto, PhD, Deputy Chair for Basic Science and Charles B.G. Murphy Professor of Psychiatry, of Neuroscience, of Pharmacology and in the Child Study Center, has been named Director of the Ribicoff Labs and of the Division of Molecular Psychiatry. Christopher Pittenger, MD, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry, Assistant Chair for Translational Research, and Director of the Yale OCD Research Clinic, has been named Director of the Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit (CNRU) and of the Neuroscience Research Training Program (NRTP).

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  • Lo: What Are You? A Biracial Physician on Nuanced Racism

    "I lurk in my whiteness to cope. A compliment about my Asianness lands as a racist devaluation of both sides of my heritage. The medical licensing board does not include my race on its registration form. Straddling the boundary of Asian and White as a biracial female psychiatrist, I struggle to handle exoticization, discriminatory assumptions, and subtle marginalization by patients and colleagues. I grapple with the privilege of light-skinned ethnic ambiguity vs the disrespect for having features deviating from the imagined physician appearance. In this piece, I introduce a nuanced dialog about race and advocate for recognition and inclusion of biracial and multiracial minority medical practitioners who defy oversimplified racial categories," writes Emma Lo, MD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

    Source: The Annals of Family Medicine
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  • Allsop, Davis-Reyes, Smith Named Among 1,000 Inspiring Black Scientists in America

    Three members of the Department of Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine were included in Cell Mentor’s recent list of 1,000 inspiring Black scientists in America. AZA Allsop, Second-Year Resident in Psychiatry, Brionna Davis-Reyes, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow in Psychiatry, and Keisha Smith, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow in Psychiatry, were among those listed in the category of “Rising Stars.”

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