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Feng, Harding Recipients of Irma Bland, MD, Certificate of Excellence in Teaching Residents

February 08, 2024

Yun Feng, MD, assistant professor of psychiatry, and Lisa Harding, MD, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine, have been honored as the 2023-24 recipients of the prestigious Irma Bland, MD, Certificate of Excellence in Teaching Residents.

Feng serves as medical director of the Transitional Age Youth Unit at Yale Psychiatric Hospital and as residency site training co-director of Yale Psychiatry Hospital/Yale New Haven Hospital.

Harding is an intervention psychiatrist who teaches residents on a range of topics from psychopharmacology to practicing psychiatry in an outpatient setting. Her work with ketamine and treatment depression in real world settings has earned her international recognition and is one of the leading voices in ketamine treatment for Treatment Resistant Depression. Her teaching approach emphasizes promoting social justice, advancing health equity, and improving access to higher levels of care. Additionally, she provides sponsorship and mentorship for navigating the business aspects of medicine and challenges within mental health care.

The Bland award is a testament to their remarkable and enduring contributions to the Yale Psychiatry Residency Program as faculty members.

Endowed by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), this accolade is named in memory of Dr. Irma Bland, a distinguished figure in mental health who passed away in 2003. Dr. Bland's innovative and significant contributions to psychiatric education are celebrated through this award, perpetuating her legacy in the field.

Submitted by Christopher Gardner on February 07, 2024