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Leading the Way

January 02, 2020

We all support the idea of women’s health. We all support the idea of better science for better lives.

But what is the best way to express this support? And more important, what is the most effective way to enact real and lasting change?

I am sure that we all have a long list of worthy organizations and causes to which we could — and do — direct our chartable resources. Certainly, even within the narrower category of health or women’s health, there are multiple ways in which our dollars can make a difference.

As one of the earliest engines of what has become a great and momentous movement, Women’s Health Research at Yale continues to serve a unique and crucial role in ensuring that we address the systemic obstacles to true health equity.

Not only does WHRY identify, fund, and champion timely and forward-looking research projects on women and sex-and-gender differences, the center also forges the interdisciplinary collaborations that address real-world questions. This is not easy. It takes time, money, motivation, unparalleled expertise — and you.

Not only does WHRY conduct its own cutting-edge studies, but it joins with our community partners to share findings so that people can make informed decisions about their health. This, too, is not easy. In our current media environment, it takes time, money, and effort to break through the cacophony of information swirling around our heads and to effectively communicate reliable, helpful facts.

Not only does our work entail investigations of reproductive biology, but of diseases and conditions that affect every aspect of women’s health — from cardiovascular health and cancer to depression and autoimmune diseases.

Finally, our work focuses on making sure that better science leads to public health policies that can improve lives across the country.

In terms of the health of women, we have reached a tipping point. The momentum is here. The signs all point forward. Now is the time to make permanent and pervasive change that benefits everyone.

With gratitude for your support,

Barbara M. Riley

Philanthropy Chair

Submitted by Rick Harrison on December 10, 2019