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Stress & Addiction Clinical Research Program


To develop new prevention and treatment strategies to increase the ability to regulate stress, decrease craving and compulsive seeking, and improve self-control over addictive behaviors, such as substance use, smoking, drinking, or overeating of high fat “comfort” foods.

We Can:

  • Help you determine if cutting back or stopping an addictive behavior is the right decision for you
  • Work with you to take the first steps in cutting back or stopping addictive behaviors
  • Provide referrals and follow-up treatment as needed

Research Portfolio:

  • Brain Imaging Studies
  • Human Laboratory Studies
  • Behavioral Interventions
  • Medication Development
  • Genetics of Addictive Behaviors

Who is eligible?

  • Healthy Individuals
  • Individuals looking to gain greater self-control over substance use, over-eating, smoking, and/or drinking.


Substance Abuse Center
Connecticut Mental Health Center
34 Park Street
New Haven, CT 06519

Yale Stress Center
2 Church Street South
Suite 209
New Haven, CT 06511

Principal Investigator & Director

Rajita Sinha, PhD
Professor of Psychiatry and Child Study

Contact Us

For more information about the clinic and our research programs please call (203) 605-9274 or email:

Click here to visit our Web site.