Allison N Ponce, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Research Interests

Psychiatry and Psychology

Research Organizations

Psychiatry: Connecticut Mental Health Center: Outpatient Division | Psychology Section

Office of Cooperative Research

Selected Publications

  • Ponce, A. N. & M. Rowe. Citizenship and Community Mental Health Care. American Journal of Community Psychology, in press.
  • Doran, J., M. Galloway, A. N. Ponce, & Kaslow, N. J. Leadership Mentoring: A Survey of Early Career Psychologist Leaders. Mentoring and Tutoring: Partnership in Learning, in press.
  • Ponce, A. N., B. A. Cowan, P. Toro, J. E. Schumacher, S. Gross, J. Bray, H. Aralis, & N. Milburn. Psychologists’ roles in ending homelessness. Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless 2017, 26(2): 116-127.
  • Brown, M, M. Mihelicova, J. Lyons, J. DeFonzo, S. Torello, A. Carrión, & A. N. Ponce. Waiting for shelter: Perspectives on a homeless shelter’s procedures. Journal of Community Psychology 2017,45(7): 846-858.
  • DeHay, T., S. Ross, J. Williams, & A. N. Ponce. Factors associated with accreditation: A comparison of accredited and nonaccredited psychology doctoral internship programs. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 2016, 10(3): 125-132.
  • Ponce, A. N., A. Clayton, M. J. Gambino, & M. Rowe. Social and clinical dimensions of citizenship from the mental health care provider perspective. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 2016, 39(2): 161-166.
  • Ponce, A. N., Aosved, A. & Cornish, J. E. Parental leave during internship and postdoctoral psychology training: APPIC guidelines revisited. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 2016, 10(2): 71-77.
  • Steiner, J., C. Bellamy, M. Hoge, A. Klee, A. N. Ponce, R. Rohrbaugh, D. Ross, T. Styron, and S. Jacobs. Teaching public psychiatry and mental health. In J. Steiner & S. Jacobs (Eds.), The Yale Textbook of Public Psychiatry, Oxford University Press, London, 2016, pp. 235-248.
  • David, D. H., M. Rowe, M. S. Lawless, & A. N. Ponce. Safety, trust, and treatment: Mental health delivery for women who are homeless. Women & Therapy, 2015, 38:114-127.
  • Carr E., B. Green & A. N. Ponce. Women and the experience of severe mental illness and sexual objectification: Multicultural feminist theoretical frameworks and therapy recommendations. Women & Therapy, 2015, 38: 53-76.
  • Ponce, A. N., M. S. Lawless, & M. Rowe. Homelessness, behavioral health disorders and intimate partner violence: Barriers to services for women. Community Mental Health Journal, 2014, 50: 831-840.
  • Carr, E. R., R. Bhagwat, R. Miller, & A. N. Ponce. Training in mental health recovery and social justice in the public sector. The Counseling Psychologist, 2014, 42: 1108-1135.
  • Ponce, A.N., A. Clayton, J. Noia, M. Rowe, and M. J. O’Connell. Making meaning of citizenship: Mental illness, forensic involvement, and homelessness. Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice, 2012, 30: 349-365.
  • Hoge, M., S. Migdole, M. Farkas, A. Ponce, and C. Hunnicutt. Supervision in public sector behavioral health: A review. The Clinical Supervisor, 2011, 30: 183-203.
  • Donovan, R.A., & A. N. Ponce. Identification and measurement of core competencies in professional psychology: Areas for consideration. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 2009; 3: S46-S49.
  • Steiner, J., A. N. Ponce, T. H. Styron, E. Aklin, B. Wexler, Teaching an interdisciplinary approach to the treatment of chronic mental illness: challenges and rewards. Academic Psychiatry 2008; 32: 1-4.

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