Gordon writes chapter in new book on Caribbean psychology

A Yale psychiatry professor has written a chapter in a new book that explores Caribbean psychology.

Derrick Gordon, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry, is among several authors whose writing appears in the book, "Caribbean Psychology: Indigenous Contributions to a Global Discipline."

Gordon's chapter is called, "Contextualizing the Health Behavior of Caribbean Men." He said the goal of the chapter was to talk about the sociocultural factors that impact the health seeking behaviors of Caribbean men within the cultural context of the historical experience of the Caribbean.

The book is broken into five sections, and opens with a study of Caribbean psychology. Sections then focus on different fields of study, like developmental psychology, health and community psychology, social psychology, and clinical psychology.

Gordon is also the director of research, policy and program on male development at The Consultation Center in New Haven.

This article was submitted by Christopher S Gardner on October 16, 2015.