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Hirsch, O'Malley Named to Endowed Professorships

June 17, 2019

Two faculty in the Yale Department of Psychiatry have been named to endowed professorships at Yale School of Medicine.

Joy Hirsch, PhD, has been named the Elizabeth Mears and House Jameson Professor of Psychiatry, of Comparative Medicine, and of Neuroscience. Stephanie O’Malley, PhD, has been named Elizabeth Mears and House Jameson Professor of Psychiatry.

Both appointments were approved by the Yale Corporation, and Hirsch and O’Malley were notified of their awards by Dean Robert J. Alpern, MD.

Hirsch’s lab promotes research that aims to understand the neural circuitry and fundamental mechanisms of the brain that enable human cognition, language, emotion, decision making, and perception in both healthy/typical individuals and in patients with neurological, developmental, and psychiatric disorders.

O’Malley, the department’s Deputy Chair for Clinical Research, is Director of the Division of Substance Abuse Research in Psychiatry and Co-Director of the Yale Tobacco Center for Regulatory Science. Her research focuses on understanding and developing interventions for tobacco and alcohol use.

Submitted by Christopher Gardner on June 17, 2019